Jesus, Hold Me Now

Living on my own, thinking for myself
Castles in the sand, temporary wealth
Now the walls are falling down
Now the storms are closing in
And here I am again

Jesus, hold me now
I need to feel You in this place
To know You're by my side
And hear Your voice tonight
Jesus, hold me now
I long for Your embrace
I'm beat and broken down
I can't find my way out
Jesus, hold me now

Curse this morning sun, drags me into one more day
Of reaping what I've sown, living with my shame
Welcome to my world, and the life that I have made
One day you're a prince, and the next day you're a slave

Lord, I just looked up today
And realized how far away I am from where You are
I don't know what else to pray
Broken at Your feet I lay
The life I've torn apart
Jesus, hold me now
Jesus, hold me now
Jesus, hold me now
Jesus, hold me now

Hello everyone!Do I miss you, or Do you miss me?hahah

Well, let's start!

O Passado Contínuo é o mesmo que o Presente Contínuo. Porém, ele e feito com os verbos TO BE, no Past/Passado.
No Presente Contínuo você usa: Is, Are, Am.
Já no Passado Contínuo você usa: Was, Were.

I, He, She, and It- WAS
You, We, They- WERE

Portanto, Ele está lendo o jornal.
He is reading the newspaper.

E no (Past) Passado:
He was reading the newspaper.

I am singing a new song.
I was singing a new song.


Hello guys! Wazzup? hhahah'

Well, We are here again to teach you even more!
Bom, estamos aqui novamente para ensinar vocês cada vez mais!

As 3 Expressões de hoje são:

- Não seja Infantil- ACT YOUR AGE
Ao pé da letra: Aja sua idade, ou melhor aja conforme, de acordo com a sua idade.

- Como é que pode?- HOW COME?
Ao pé da letra: Como vem? ( fugindo um pouco do literalmente, Como isso veio? (veio o quê?- Veio acontecer. )

- Bater as botas, morrer - TO KICK THE BUCKET
Seria como, literalmente falando: CHUTAR O BALDE

É quando alguém morre, ou ela bateu as botas, ou chutou o balde.
Depende do local.
Interesting, isn't it? heheh

Bye bye!

                                 Wellington Menezes Oliveira, 23  
                              was responsible for the murder of
                              12 children in Rio de Janeiro.    
                                    The tragedy happened on
                              April 7th in a school in the West
                              Zone  of Rio.

He was clearly mentally disturbed, but one thing leaps out his notes and videos. He felt intensely bullied as a child, and was determined to strike back.
According to a former colleague of Wellington, he was an extremely shy person. Even at social events showed distance, poor relationships with friends,"
“I hope this serves as a lesson, especially to those school officers who stood by with their arms crossed as students were being attacked, humiliated, ridiculed and who were being disrespected.”
Wellington videotaped himself saying only days before last week’s massacre in Rio de Janeiro. But what do we know about bullying?
Bullying is a physical or psychological violence, intentional and repeated, with the aim of intimidating and assaulting a fellow incapable of defending himself.

"The fight that many brothers in the past have died for and that I will die for is not exclusively because of what is known as bullying. Our fight is against cruel, cowardly people who take advantage of kindness, innocence and weakness of people unable to defend themselves."
Wellington killed himself after being injured by a police officer's bullet. The mass shooting was a tragedy in Brazil, where school shootings are rare.
(This text was adapted by Ellen C. Carneiro)                                                                      ;         <> 

01. Check (T) true or (F) false about Wellington:

I. (    ) He killed 12 children in a school.
II.(    ) He didn’t killed himself after the mass shooting.
III.(    ) He wants to strike up those who had injured
IV.(    ) He was ridiculed and disrespected when he was 
             a child.
V.(    ) He was murdered by a mentally

Now check. What are the FALSE sentences?

A(    ) I, III and V                   C(    ) I, III and IV
B(    ) II  and V                       D(    ) II and IV

02. Check the words to their meanings.

1. bullying           3. strike back          5. fellow
2. murderer          4. tragedy               6. injured

(     ) a person who is part of a group of students that assist a teacher with one or more classes.

(     ) is when one person or a group of people scare or hurt someone else over and over again.

(    ) when someone is hurt, for example in an accident or an attack.

(    ) a person who kill someone.

(    ) a very sad event, that shocks people because it involves death.

(    ) make a counterattack and return like for like, especially evil for evil.

Now check the correct answer.

A(    ) 5 – 1 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 6
B(    ) 4 – 5 – 6 – 2 – 3 – 1
C(    ) 5 - 1 – 6 – 2 – 4 – 3 
D(    ) 3 – 5 – 6 – 4 – 1 – 2

03.  “The fight that many brothers in the past have died for and that I will die for is not exclusively because of what is known as bullying.”

According to the new on TV, the word “Brothers” in the Wellington’s letter is related to:

A(    ) the children            C(    ) Wellington’s mother
B(    ) the formers             D(   ) the terrorists

04. It ISN’T ‘T true about bullying.

A(    ) People are free of bullying at work.
B(    ) It’s a form of abuse.
C(    ) It can occur in any context in which human beings interact with each person.
D(   ) Bullying can exist between social groupssocial classes and even between countries.

05. Wellington killed himself after being injured by a police officer's bullet.

The correct pronoun that can substitute the underlined word is…

A(    ) me                                         C(   ) them
B(    ) her                                         D(   ) it


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