Vamos ao exercícios agora!

1) Complete with the Verb To Be (Affirmative form) .
Complete com o verbo to be (Forma afirmativa).

a) We ____ American.
b) The blue car ____ expensive.
c) John ____ a teacher.
d) She and I ____ Brazilian .
e) Alice and Nancy _____ in the living room.
f) I ____ a student.

2) Change the phrases to Negative and Interrogative form.
Mude as frases para a forma Negativa e Interigativa.

a) He is at school.
I- ______________
b) Philip and Sheila are late.
I- ____________________
c) That man is french.
N- ________________
I- _________________
d) This cat is black.
N- ________________
I- _______________

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