ALMOST-    TISSUE-    BECOME-        LIKE-            SEVERAL
VISIBLE-      TYPE-        REPAIR-          ARGUE-        DESTROY

1) Complete com as palavras a cima:

a) Mark is studying hard now because he wants to ______________ a biologist.
b) The population wants a new bridge, but the engineers ______________ that it is impossible to build a bridge here.
c) The new factory is going to make vehicles ______________cars, trucks, and buses.
d) The hospital is only 2 miles now. We are ______________there.
e) Gases emitted by automobiles and airplanes ______________ the ozone layer.
f) Don't worry if your refrigerator is broken. Ted and Billy can ______________ it.
g) The last eruption of Mount Aetna was ______________ to astronauts in space.
h) There are four basic kinds of ______________ in the human body: muscle, nerve, epidermal, and connective.
i) Bone is the only ______________ type of tissue that is capable of reproducing it self under specific circumstances.
j) ______________ groups of scientists, in different parts of the world, are involved in the stem cells research.

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