Burning of fossil fuels and elimination of trees increase carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere.
The Earth's surface radiates heat. Some escapes, but the CO2 traps the rest, increasing the temperature.
The warming increases water vapor in the air, which in turn absorbs more of the earth's heat.
Rising surface temperatures melt snow and ice. A poor reflector, the exposed ground absorbs more sunlight, and in turn melts more snow.

1) How does carbon dioxide affect the earth's temperature?
2) What are some of the sources of CO2?

3) Assinale a alternativa correta de acordo com o texto:

- De acordo com o texto:

a) o solo não reflete bem a luz do sol.
b) a luz do sol aumenta o dióxido de carbono.
c) a luz do sol é bem refletida pelo solo.
d) a temperatura diminui com a neve e o gelo.
e) o dióxido de carbono derrete a neve e o gelo.

- Qual é a tradução de acordo com o sentido da palavra "traps" no texto:

a) atrapalha
b) libera
c) retém
d) armadilhas
e) trapos

- Which of the words below cannot be a synonym for the word "increase"?

a) augment
b) diminish
c) expand
d) enlarge
e) grow

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