On August6, 1945, United States Air Force dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Sadako Sasaki was there. She was two years old.
Sadako survived and became a livelyand active girl. She enjoyed sports, especially running. In 19954, Sadako won every race at her school and became very popular. In December, she felt the first symptoms of deadly disease: dizzness and a slight pain under her ears. She had leukemia caused by radiation.
On February 18, 1955, Sadako was hospitalized, but she didn't give up. She decided to fight for her life. Her courage and determination impressed her calssmates.
Onde day in August her best friend Chizukovisited her. "I know how you can get well", said Chizuko. Then she took a square piece of paper and folded it over and over.

"Remeber the old story about the paper cranes?" asked Chizuko.
"Yes, if a sick person food one thousand paper cranes the gods make her healthy again".
"Chizuko put a paper crane on Sadako's hand and said, "Here is your first one".

Sadako folded many paper cranes. Then on October 25 she folded her last crane.
Her classmates had to fold 353 cranes to complete Sadako's one thousand cranes.


(     ) This story is about a Japanese girl.
(     ) Sadako was born on August6, 1945.
(     ) When Sadako was a little girl she wasn't healthy.
(     ) Sadako liked to run.
(    ) Chizuko and Sadako were friends.

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