Supply possessive adjectives

Forneça os adjetivos possessivos.

a) I am doing ______ exercises now.
b) Are you studying ______ English lesson?
c) Mike is at home ______ house is very comfortable.
d) We're studying history ______ lessonsaren't difficult.
e) The children are talking to ______ parents at this moment.
f) Ted and I are taking ______ girlfriends to the movies now.
g) The dog is in ______ house.
h) Mr.Johnson isn't in ______ house now.
i) Alfred is Brazilian ______ father is Canadian.
j) You and I were studying ______ lesson this morning.
k) She is wearing ______ new dresses today.
l) John is athome with ______ girlfriend.
m) I am looking for ______ glasses.
n) Sally and Betty are talking with ______ friends.

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