1) Translate to English:

a) Quem é você?
b) Como escreve isso ?
c) Onde você trabalha?
d) Quando é o seu aniversário?
e) O que você está fazendo?

2) Complete the questions with : WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE:

a) Peter was at home las night.
___________________ was Peter las night?
Peter was at home.
__________________ was at home last night?
Peter was.
__________________ was Peter at home?
Last night.

b) Mother is cooking dinner in the kitchen now.
___________________ is mother doing?
Mother is cooking.
_________________ is mother cooking?
Mother is cooking dinner.
_________________ is cooking dinner?
Mother is.

Escolha a opção que melhor preenche os espaços em branco. your brother? Twenty years old.
a.How is
b.How much
c.How old

2.......... the books? They're only 40 dollars.
a.How much are
b.How old are
c.How much is

3............ are there in the room? There are three chairs.
a.How much chair
b.How many chairs
c.How many chair

4............ ? I'd like some soda, please.
a.What do you like
b.What would you like
c.What can you like

5............... this? It's my cellphone
a.Who cellphone is
b.Why cellphone is
c.Whose cellphone is ? He works in a bank.
a.When does he
b.Where does she
c.Where does he

7............ lunch? I have lunch at eleven o'clock.
a.What time do you
b.What time do you have
c.What time does you have ? She studies every day.
a.How frequent do she
b.How often do she

c.How often does she

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